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Streusel Cream Peach Pie

Make a 9 inch one crust pie shell.
Arrange in pastry lined pie pan 4 cups quartered or halved peeled peaches (8-10 peaches). Overlap them; pink side up, around side of pan. Fill center with remaining peaches.

Sprinkle over peaches -- I did not add the extra sugar
cup sugar
tsp nutmeg (I added cinnamon)

Beat together, then pour over sugared peaches
1 egg
2 Tbls. cream

Mix together and crumble over top
cup brown sugar
cup soft oleo
cup flour

Bake 425 degrees -- 35-45 minutes
Serve slightly warm with whipped cream or ice cream
Recipe taken from old cookbook at the Hart cottage published by the wives of pastors, board members and staff members at Independence Bible Mission of Michigan, Inc. Comstock Park, MI

Posted on August 5, 2004
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