Up North
By Ken Hekman (c) 2000

I’ve had it with traffic and crime on the news,
I’m tired of working and paying my dues.
The pressures and noises have taken their toll,
Snuffing my spirit and bruising my soul;
So leash up the dog and pack up some clothes
The yard work can wait a few days, I suppose.
The trip isn’t long, but life is so short,
So let’s find some peace at the cottage up north.

Relaxing comes easier up there it seems
Amidst the deep forest and wandering streams.
We’ll paddle the lake or sit by the fire,
Explore a new trail; let nature inspire.
We’ll cook as we please and eat on the deck
Restored by the rhythmic woodpecker’s peck.
We might take a nap or swing on the porch…
Whatever it takes to relight our torch.

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